Speak To The Rock! (Man of Faith, Moses)

Moses is one of the greatest prophets ever known. He led the mass of Israelites out of Egypt–certainly no easy task. In the midst of such a great feat, the LORD continued to demand obedience from His people, and their leader. As Scripture illustrates, obedience (or lack thereof) becomes a constant struggle among the people, and at one significant point, with Moses.

I am honored that Karina Lam has asked me to contribute to this post. There is so much we can learn from Moses and the other great men of faith. Although we may struggle, let us press on in obedience and faith in God.

Karina's Thought

SPEAK TO THE ROCK -Karina's Thought

Hello dear readers! I am grateful to God could come back again with “Man of Faith” series. This time I’m not writing alone but I wrote this post with my dearest blog friend, Lauren Heiligenthal. Now I chose Moses as the 3rd figure. Like Abraham and Noah, Moses also mentioned many times in the Old and New Testament. After took study of Moses’ story, I conclude that Moses had two contradictory life sides i.e. side of successful and failure. Let’s have a look to the first side.


Moses was a great prophet with a winding life. He was born when Egypt felt threatened by the very high soaring population growth of Israelite and the threat made Pharaoh scared and issued an order to the all midwife to kill all of baby boy. (Exodus 1:16)  Because Moses’ mother think she no longer…

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