Thank You, Veterans!

On this Memorial Day we remember the men and women who have chosen to serve and fight for freedom. Some have given their lives on the battlefield. Many return home and struggle with the atrocities they have seen and what they have experienced. Their lives have forever been changed. Their families’ lives have changed as they wait for their loved ones to come back. We owe all of them so much for their sacrifice. To all of you who have served or are currently serving in the United States military, thank you! Also, thank you to the families who have sacrificed the comfort of being together for the sake of our freedom and protection. You are not forgotten.


©Lauren Heiligenthal


2 thoughts on “Thank You, Veterans!

  1. My oldest grandson joined the Navy a couple of years ago and my youngest is in September shipping out to train in the Army as a Military Police. Both his father and my oldest son and my youngest son have been involved in Law Enforcement, so the grandkids are definitely following in the path of service to others!

    God bless you for this Sister. I found you through Sister Karina Lam and am going to put your site on my Blogs Followed page. I use that list for intercessory prayer for those ministries/servants who continue to follow the leading of the Holy Sprit and share their gifts with all of us whom the Holy Spirit leads their way!!!

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