This is a poem that I originally wrote for a friend a few years ago. It’s written from God’s perspective, and it encourages me every time I read it. I hope it will do the same for you.


As the dawn breaks

a new day awaits

as I anticipate our time together

when I look upon you as beauty,

as Mine.


Purple shades of light

dance in your eyes

as you allow your creative mind

to intertwine with Mine,

unfolding a masterpiece

of all that’s divine.

I have called you.


The rivers of your compassionate heart

flow into the paint as you color

life into another,

creating a picture she could not see

for herself.



I have given you new eyes to see My Majesty,

and ears to hear My voice.


I am speaking to you.


Embrace my blessings.

Find your rest in Me.

Throw off all insecurity

and be brave to let others see who

I have created you to be.


Let your voice

sing into your fingertips

as you play

your music

painted on a naked



Laugh until your tears

collide with an aching heart

crying out for freedom.

Bring healing.


Chase after Me,

and I will unfold

glorious dreams

of joy and deliverance

wrapped in My magnificence.


Trust that I hold you

and cover you with peace

as you sleep

with a tear rolling down your cheek.

I have never left you.


You are My precious,

My daughter,

My everything.

Because I love you I call you to be you,

exposed and humble,

so that others will see Me:

your Strength and Confidence.

© Lauren Heiligenthal


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