It has been far too long since I’ve written a post. A big reason is that I’ve felt stuck. Stuck spiritually. Stuck in my career. Stuck in my devotions. Stuck in feeling inspired. It’s difficult to get out of the mud, but I’ve learned that I must pull one leg out at a time and make the effort. The Lord has always been there for me, but He won’t make me move until I’m ready to make that effort. Today is a new day, and I’m excited to be back 🙂 This poem is the best way I know how to share my journey these past few months. I pray that you all are doing well, and that you have a wonderful Christmas! May you always have hope that the sunrise will come.


Flames flicker,

Wisps of smoke;

The air grows cold,

The night remote.

My soul yearns for the light;

It aches for the warmth.

Fear suffocates—

How will I break free

From this insanity?

My reflection is no longer mine

But a stranger who has become me.

I search for the sunrise

Clinging to the hope

That a new day must come.

This fear can no longer encapsulate my heart

And poison my thoughts.

Oh, Light, shine ever bright!

Pierce this darkness!

Awaken my dreams!

I want to see myself again

In You.


The dawn begins to break;

I search the horizon.

Pink and gold hues cover the sky

As the sun steadily climbs,

Yet greater is the Light in my heart—

The Light of lights who has chosen me

And lifts my spirit above the painted clouds.

He has always been there,

Even in the darkness,

Even when I forget who I am,

He knows and calls me back.

As I search for the way home,

He will not let me forget His dreams for me.

He reminds me that the impossible has been made possible,

That He sustains, provides, and leads.

I must fulfill His call

For this is the only way that I can truly be fulfilled.

Be glorified and magnified, My Savior,

My King!


©Lauren Heiligenthal




4 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Dear my sweet friend, Lauren
    I glad and so blessed to see you come back with your post. I, here, keep pray for the struggle that you have go through.It will be beautiful in His time. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem to us. Have a great Christmas season to you and your family. God bless 🙂


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