A Message for the Bride


Bride of Christ

Where have you gone, My bride?

Whose foreign arms have you sought?

Have I not been faithful?

Did I not incline My ear towards you?


Before you were ready to be called Mine

I knew you.

I knew the trials you would face

And the temptations of the world.


Therefore, I gave you My Word.

Even My Spirit I placed within you

To lead you back to Me,

Your King, Your Savior.


Yet with all of My blessings,

You have forsaken Me for another;

For one who is not worthy,

Who leads you down the wide path of destruction.


Wake up from your slumber!

See where you are and choose.

Call upon Me, and I will restore you.

Tarry, and you will be lost.


Trim your wicks.

Get the oil ready.

Return to Me as a spotless bride

And remain faithful until I come.


© Lauren Heiligenthal


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