His Gentle Whisper

Here is another poem/word of encouragement I wrote for a friend who was going through a hard time. I hope you will be encouraged that God knows what you’re going through. Even though life is always changing, and we change along with it, He already knows what’s coming next. He is unchanging yet knows all change.

His Gentle Whisper (originally written September 25, 2008)

Life is full of broken pieces,
pieces that connect moment to moment,
year to year,
tears to tears.

Each piece is precious,
unfolding something new within ourselves,
leading us on our journey of never-ending change.

We live to see what is beautiful,
no time to prepare.

We constantly lift our eyes to God in question,
momentarily forgetting that He is already
holding us,
sharing our tears,
laughing in our experiences of joy.

We see life as broken,
yet God reassures us of His whole picture,
meant to be embraced
in all its beauty and pain.

He has created a dance
to an ever-changing song
sung by creation,
those around us,
and in His gentle whisper.

He is saying,
“I love you always.
I protect You
as you walk through the valley.
I hold you in your
I see you as you are,
and the heart I have given you.
Have no fear;
instead, expect Me to do great things.
Trust that I know you completely and
understand your struggles.
You are My child,
My precious one.
Never will I bring you to a place
where you cannot get up again.
I am your Strength and
the Restorer of broken
lives and hearts.
Expect miracles for I
never change.
Believe in me to be the
God who saves.
I Am.”

© Lauren Heiligenthal


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