Writing It Out

I was re-reading this today and am amazed at the Lord and His truth. I hope this will encourage you as it has re-encouraged me 🙂


There are noises all around me, yet the sound that proves difficult to ignore is the battle between my flesh and spirit. It gnaws at me daily, especially when the voice of my flesh cries out louder: “You haven’t done enough”; “You’re lazy”; “You’re not ready”; “You’re incompetent.” I would expect myself to be past listening to lies, but I still do. Even sitting down to write today was difficult. I know it’s what I’m supposed to do, but my flesh has been fighting hard against it. Why? Because I discover God’s truth when I listen to what He asks me to do, even if it seems small. I discover truth when I’m honest about my struggles and weaknesses. I discover that I am enough.

So, what are my struggles? Self-worth. Faith. Confidence. Fear. I would say that fear drives them all. Fear of failure. Fear that our land and…

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