Reflections on a Porch

I’m in the process of writing a longer post, but in the meantime I’d like to share another poem I wrote a few years ago (although it’s been tweaked a little since then). I was sitting on my parents’ front porch during a storm with my feet exposed to the rain. While observing the storm, the elements reminded me of the importance of unity within the church. With pen and paper in hand, I composed these thoughts:


I delight in the sound of rain

and its staccato touch on my feet as the drops fall



They fall independently,

yet as a whole they create a shower of blessing and peace;

but only as one.


We can also touch other lives as individuals and make a significant difference,

but only when we work as one can there be an outpouring of blessing,

of victory.


The stillness is calming,

the occasional clap of thunder inviting

as it reminds us warriors of the ongoing battles we fight.


Lightning is the most miraculous of all

for even when all is dark and stormy,

light pierces the darkness.


Lightning takes the darkness by surprise,

and all is exposed.

Thunder follows,

alerting the warriors that the battle against evil

is one step closer to victory.


Exposing evil brings freedom.

© Lauren Heiligenthal


5 thoughts on “Reflections on a Porch

  1. Your work inspires, ten lepers were healed…one returned to give thanks and praise.
    He recognized who had healed him.
    “if I wasn’t a believer already” then reading your work would surely help to guide one to Jesus.
    B.T.W., just to inform you, this is Anthony not Doug two of us collaborate on Doug’s blogs.
    Doug and I are brothers in Christ and good friends.
    Been busy doing a bit of outreach, Doug’s work is exceptional as is yours and I’ve endeavoured to attempt to spread it around a bit more.
    All Glory be to God.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow I am so honored to receive such a comment! I didn’t want to assume what you’re original comment meant, and I appreciate that you were gracious enough to explain. Thank you for your encouragement! I look forward to keeping in touch with you and Doug 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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