Testing the Spirits

I wanted to share a post written by Stacey Louiso, a wonderful Christian woman and author. This post is a challenge to the modern body of Christ, and I think it is quite thought-provoking and biblically sound. Too often the church follows popular leaders and teachings instead of digging deep and testing what’s been preached. Here’s a quote from Stacey’s post:

“Often, as I follow and interact with pastors, ministry leaders and the like on social media, I find myself wishing I weren’t so connected. Some of what fellow Believers proclaim makes me wonder which version/translation of the Bible they read! Why? Their theology, hermeneutics and exegesis are often very loose versions of what the very traditional translations of the Bible contain. Loose (modern) translations of the Holy Bible are part of the very problem described herein, not part of any solution. They often mislead people and lighten the truths of the word of God. Softening the message of the Gospel was never part of God’s plan for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, or his resurrection.”

Please check out the rest on her blog: http://www.writingdownlife.com/2017/02/05/a-body-called-to-christ-not-to-a-church-part-1/# . I also encourage you to read other posts she’s written.



3 thoughts on “Testing the Spirits

  1. Hello! I just came across this post while doing a Google search for my name (I do this periodically to be certain no one is using my name, etc.). Thank you so much for sharing what the Holy Spirit has led me to see going on in the body of Christ. I wish you would have let me know! :)) So blessed by your sharing. Thank you. In His Grace, Stacey Louiso


  2. Thank you very much for sharing such a great blog. I surely will visit her blog, Lauren. Oh by the way, I read your post on the plane to Dubai 🙂 Have a great weekend and God bless, my dear friend.


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