The Cost of Discipleship

Sacrifice (Written November 12, 2014)

Wishing things could be different,

but I can’t change time

nor anyone’s mind.

All I can do is live my life.


Leaving behind what I love for the sake of Christ

is a pleasing sacrifice

to the One

who paid the ultimate price.


I wish you could join me on this journey,

walking in the footsteps God places before you.

But you have chosen your own path,

your own understanding of truth.


While following the world

you declare your love for the King.

But the world hates Him.

What sacrifice do you bring?


You cannot serve both the enemy and the Creator,

death and life,

Satan and the Savior.

To be lukewarm is to be spit out of God’s mouth.


We all have the choice to be disciples

in our hearts and lives.

But the cost of discipleship

is high.


We are called to be distinctive from this world

and obey our Master’s commands.

We must declare all truth

and be who the Lord demands.


There are sacrifices to be made

when we walk in His name.

But how wondrous the rewards

when we see Him one day.


I can no longer look back

and drag you along with me.

You’re going the opposite direction,

preventing my feet from moving.


Even though I love you,

and I hate that we have to part,

this is what I must do for Christ,

offer my sacrifice.

© Lauren Heiligenthal



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