I Am Nobody Else But Me

I Am Nobody Else But Me (Originally written December 8, 2014)

I am nobody else,

and everyone else is not me.

I am who I was created to be,

unique in essence and beauty.


I am not you,

and you are not me.

There’s no need to be like each other.

We each have a different purpose, you see.


There is no standard of who I should be

except Christ alone.

There is no mold

for me.


There is no logic comparing myself

with someone

who is not



I am only one,

and this one is enough.

I am enough for the One who has called me

to be me.


There is one me.

There is one you.

Let us rejoice in how we are created,

and live life anew.


©Lauren Heiligenthal


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