The Necessity of Change

I have never been too fond of change, but it has a way of finding me, pushing me here and there. I like schedules and routines, and my fears of the unknown have clashed with change’s desired outcomes. Some of the changes in my life have been inevitable, part of growing up (still scary). Some changes I did not anticipate, both good and bad. Other changes have been so extreme that I never thought such changes were possible. No matter how many times I have experienced change, I tend to dread the next one.

But this should not be my attitude. What is life without change? Stagnant. What is my relationship with God without change? Immature and unprepared for more responsibility from the Father. As much as I have dragged my feet along the way, I am realizing that change has to happen in order to grow. Growth is change. What if I planted a seed and nothing happened? Something is wrong, right? A seed that does not grow cannot produce a plant. If there is no plant there is no fruit. There is little purpose for a seed that does not grow.

What about us? There are so many books, articles, blogs, etc. about how to grow as a Christian. People provide steps, disciplines, yearly plans. Maybe some of these things are helpful. But no growth will happen if we are unwilling to change, if we stay a seed. If we are willing to change for the sake of Christ then we are already on our way to bearing fruit.

A number of situations can affect a plant, trying to hinder it from growing. Some of these situations may even try to kill it, uprooting it from its source of life. But the plants that withstand all of these trials (and they will come) become stronger and are able to bear more fruit as the years go by.

Is it not the same with us? We will have to face changes in our lives. But instead of seeing the pessimistic side of things (as I usually do), we could ask “How will this make me stronger, Lord? Help me to grow instead of uprooting myself from You.” I know this is not as easy as it sounds. In all honesty, this is not my initial reaction when something new or unexpected comes along. At that point I wish I could crawl back into the ground and become a seed again, but what would my purpose be then?

It’s my choice to wither or grow. It’s my choice to be a raging fire or a dim light about to flicker out. It’s my choice to say “Yes, I can!” instead of “No, I can’t!” It’s my choice to say “Father, I will go wherever you send me,” instead of “Father, I am afraid to go.”

We decide if we want to grow. Change begins with us, and as difficult as it may be, it is necessary.