Faith Over Fear

I close my eyes

and visualize

paths leading to my demise,

where fear leads me to wander.


I stand frozen

knowing I’ve been chosen

for something greater than

drinking the enemy’s poison.


The choice is mine:

To follow the Divine

on the straight and narrow defined,

the path leading to glory,


Or to walk down easy street

where, with every step, the truth retreats

to the back of my mind and defeat

becomes my story.


Countless times the choice seems clear,

yet too often I cater to fear,

who takes the joy from what I hold dear,

leaving me empty and broken.


If I had faith the size of a mustard seed,

I could move mountains from land to sea

and fulfill God’s call inside of me

to become who I’m meant to be.


The Lord knows every thought

and sees my river of tears.

The Creator calls out to me,

reminding me that He has conquered fear:


“Break forth, child of God, daughter of the King.

Shine bright, let your righteousness bring

the truth to the nations,

a fragrant offering.


Sing with all your soul

and let yourself become whole

as you take My hand and stroll

down the road to everlasting.


No fear can conquer Me,

and my Spirit is inside of thee

with the power to crush the enemy

underneath your feet.


Take hold of your shield

with faith you can wield

against weapons of defeat

and let yourself be healed.


Stand firm, soldier of the living God!

My Word is a double-edged sword;

My mouth is a flaming fire,

consuming all the enemy’s horde.


Fear Me above all else.

Have faith that you are victorious in Me,

and there will be no reason to doubt

That you will become who I created you to be.”



Written February 24, 2019


©Lauren Heiligenthal


4 thoughts on “Faith Over Fear

  1. Hello,Lauren. so surprise see you again In WordPress. How are you, dear? By the way, can you give me your email again. I had a problem with my email. Many contact was losing. Thank you very much, Lauren. God Bless.


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