Writing a Song for God

I’ve written a few songs over the years even though I don’t play an instrument. A melody pops in my head with the hope that it can be put to music one day. Some songs are written for people whereas others are to express my own thoughts and struggles. In the end they always point back to God. Recently, I felt like God was asking me to write a song for Him. It was both exciting and terrifying to think about. I didn’t want to just come up with something like I usually do. This was different. As a human, how could I write something that was worthy for our Lord? Yet David wrote many songs for God, and they expressed all sorts of emotions and ideas. My question ended up being the first line to this song: “How can I write a song for you, my King?” As you can read for yourself, the rest of the song shares about God’s greatness. He created everything, yet He gave His life for me…for ALL of us. Yes, it sounds like the most simple salvation message, and it is. But do we take the time to consider how powerful it is? This song isn’t just about what He’s done in my life, but in yours too. He loved us to the point of sacrifice. There’s no perfect way to describe how great God is, but our own lives should be testimonies to His greatness. We’ve been transformed only because of Him. May our lives shine, demonstrating His magnificence. We are unworthy, but He has made us whole in a world that wants to see us permanently broken.

How Great You Are (originally written July 26, 2014)

How can I write a song for you, my King?
How can I capture the beauty of the One who saved me?

How can I describe Your majesty?
You created all things yet gave Your life for me.

How can I justify my deeds to the One who sees everything?
But You came and rescued me, and Your love has freed me.

How can I even tell You how great You are?
You made the heavens and the stars.
What is love without You?
It is who You are,
And You’ve placed it in my heart.
Oh, You are in my heart.

There’ve been many times when I’ve made mistakes.
I was too ashamed to show You my face.

(But) when I told You my sin You showed me Your grace.
I didn’t have to stay in the same place.

You are God; there is no one else like You.
You rescued me from myself, and I forever thank You.

(Chorus 2x)

© Lauren Heiligenthal


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