We all go through seasons in our lives, and sometimes it seems easier to let the tough ones lead us away from God. But as many of us have learned, walking away from God doesn’t make things better. Instead, let us cling to the Lord and grow through our pain and trials. May we become more refined and stronger in our Christian walk because of it. Here’s a depiction of what that looks like.

Season (originally written February 8, 2014)

A new flower blossoms in springtime

as it bathes in radiant sunshine

and drinks in the refreshing rain

from heaven.


Nothing to disturb it now

except a storm or two,

but even if a few petals fall

they will grow back anew.


The inevitable comes as the wind changes,

the air feels crisp and chill.

The petals fall more frequently now.

How can this be God’s will?


Exposed, bare, and withered

the flower disappears under a blanket of snow

and ponders its purpose.

Oh, how will it grow?


Time passes by;

it feels like an eternity.

Then a ray of light pierces the darkness,

and the flower rediscovers its identity.


In truth, it was never lost.

Only a season had passed.

The blossoms begin to return

and this year, the flower is stronger than last.


It is a mystery why the seasons change,

why the world becomes cold,

why the light seems to fade,

yet without the death of the old,

new things cannot unfold.


With the passing of a season,

the flower becomes alive again

with newfound hope and rejuvenation.

Now there is nothing to fear,

nothing to dread,

because the Creator knows what lies ahead.

© Lauren Heiligenthal


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