As you stand in front of the looking glass,

Face yourself, Runaway.

Remove your mask;

Unveil your pain.


Open your eyes to see the demons surrounding you,

Poisoning your mind, sucking out truth.

Open your ears to hear My voice,

The gentle whisper amidst the noise.


Cut your baggage, Runaway;

Let the broken pieces fall.

Their weight has deformed you,

Kept you from standing tall.


Look beyond yourself and see

The lion prowling like a thief.

His appetite is never satisfied;

He’s ready to devour and has you in mind.


What can you do?

Where can you run,

When you’ve known the truth

But neglected the Son?


There’s only one path

That leads to life:

Stop running and call upon

The name that is Light!


Shed the darkness!

Yell at the fear!

Pick up your weapon,

Destroy the “you” in the mirror!


Repent, My daughter,

And run back to Me!

I will fight for you;

Your comfort, let Me be.


I will cover your shame,

Make you a new creation.

I will give you a new name,

A sign of salvation.


Come back, My beloved,

Though the enemy is strong.

My love is greater;

Come back to My song.


Close your eyes, Runaway,

As I place a new mirror before thee.

Now you must choose

The path you will seek:

To run to the world

Or come back to Me.


Open your eyes;

Who do you see?


©Lauren Heiligenthal






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