How Bright Is Your Light Today?


The flame flickers,

Dancing with the wind.

Rising and falling,

Its light waxes and wanes with each gust.


The wind, the changing moments of our lives,

Is quite powerful,

Dictating how bright the light will be.

What will we do?


Some ignore the wind,

Denying that they have changed,

That their light has become dim.

“At least it is still burning,” they say.


Some give in to the wind,

Allowing it to toss them here and there,

Following the world while trying to cling to Christ.

“The flame may flicker, but it is still there,” they say.


But then there are some who face the wind

Because their flame has matured to a raging fire

Which cannot be snuffed out.

“Our confidence is in the One who has the power to calm the wind,” they say.


This light will continue to shine forth

When all other flames

Go out.

How bright is your light today?


©Lauren Heiligenthal


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